Hero Dreams Imaging

*** UPDATE 09/25/20 – *Back in the Game. Doing dedicated work for a local and very successful Haunted Attraction. Images will be posted THIS WEEK. I have a few last images to work, then fill the gallery*.

Have been in absentia this year with health and reorg. Had emergency surgery recently for a health issue that had begun last year. Between that and the Coro situation current work is on hiatus. However...

I am busy posting seasonally appropriate images and some past work, primarily auto, on *IG* now! Easy to find the work, along with some background descriptions included, unlike here where text is uber-limited.

The past two years alone have seen changes related to my evolution as a photographer. I'm still here and will keep working at it.

My interests are many and varied. However, most of what you will find here deal primarily with autos/transportation, models, and costuming/cosplay. On occasion other disciplines will be posted.

For those that continue to follow my work - Thank you!

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