Hero Dreams Imaging

Hero Dreams Imaging

*** UPDATE 09/11/17 – After a month of not updating I'm updating. Was out of the loop that span due to health and other issues related to an auto accident. AND Dragon Con prep and the event itself.

Just completed filling out my DC 2016 2nd run gallery. Will be working on DC 2017 shortly.

A number of new files in the "Life As It Happens" album including a select number from the total eclipse in late August.

Shot a newly established local auto service company for their website and social media needs. Finished with bridal and wedding work from April.

2017 began with having completed a 1st run-through of Dragon Con 2016 images from the ATL. Have added to shots out and about. These images will mostly fall under the "Life As It Happens" gallery.

Covered my first wedding in the digital era. Finished the album in May.

The past few years have seen changes related to my evolution as a photographer. I'm still here and will keep working at it.

My interests are many and varied. However, most of what you will find here deal primarily with autos/transportation, models, and costuming/cosplay. On occasion other disciplines will be posted.

For those that continue to follow my work - Thank you!

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