Hero Dreams Imaging

Hero Dreams Imaging

*** UPDATE 08/31/19 – Have been inabsentia this summer with health and tech challenges. Will still be slow on any new activity to post BUT, there will be some new work to post in previous galleries this fall including Dragon Con galleries as DC is this week and I always focus on that great activity in the ATL at this time of year.

COMPLETED... working an image campaign for a select client of Arkon OFF-ROAD rims. Shot over the last few weeks, now finished with edits.

Prior to that I had taken two months off from editing and shooting not long after late January's HoTD event. Recovering from a setback to my leg. Working at getting back in the flow. Am posting new images to "May the 4th Be With You" gallery from HoTD cosplayers including blended universes, where other fandoms get to merge into the Star Wars universe.

Prior to the hiatus I had just returned from another HoTD in the ATL this past late January. Have gotten into the gallery decently but with much work still to complete.

Finished a major project from last year: a *second run* through HoTD. Still have a few selections from a scenic location shoot I'll be working on this winter. Simply adding more run-throughs to each.

An injury and surgery late 2017, along with a complicated recovery and many months of PT, has seriously impacted my ability to shoot. A limited number last year. A limited recovery which has changed the game for me. Will still be creating images just not at the same pace as prior to injury and surgery.

The past few years have seen changes related to my evolution as a photographer. I'm still here and will keep working at it.

My interests are many and varied. However, most of what you will find here deal primarily with autos/transportation, models, and costuming/cosplay. On occasion other disciplines will be posted.

For those that continue to follow my work - Thank you!

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